A posteriori - A priori / Audere est facere / Clamo, clamatis, omnes clamamus pro glace lactis


In humor on February 10, 2010 at 11:56 am


Listening to a podcast on feminism and watching porn. Discuss. (30 minutes, 40% of grade)

firstly, i would say that since i don’t know what feminism lecture you are listening to, my attempt to discuss is hampered; ditto for the porn. specifically, feminism runs the gamut from those that feel the power inbalance is so great, that a man/woman relationship, and the act of sex, will always be a type of “rape”; this argument i9s similar to the statutory rape idea, i.e. a minor can never give proper consent. then, there are those feminists who feel that women can assert themselves, can consent equally in a sexual relationship. the latter type can embrace some types of porn.
secondly, the type of porn varies so greatly, that one could not hazard any thesis on the relationship of the porn you are viewing, and the feminist lecture you are hearing.
having set the parameters for avoiding a specific analysis, i could make a few sweeping generalizations based upon my knowledge of you and your situation. juxtaposing the two could be viewed as a means of cancelling any true discourse of the rights/plight of women because it is cancelled by images of women being objectified for your pleasure. again, i know not the tenor of the porn you are viewing. i can also say that you have ambivalent, at best, notions towards women, and at worst, a misogynistic bent. whether this is due to women you have dated/married, or your relationship with your mother, is a matter for a psycho-analist.
lastly, this is a summary of some of the salient points in a discussion of such a situation. it could be fleshed out for a wider discussion.


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